Pasture-Raised Eggs

By Vital Farms

Rating (173 Reviews)

4.78 out of 5

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  • Pasture-raised eggs
  • Try Vital Farms eggs
  • 108sqft of pasture per hen
  • Hens raised on rotated pastures
  • Hens have the freedom to forage outdoors year round
  • Tended by hand on small family farms
  • Made with fresh air and sunshine!
  • No pesticides
  • No herbicides
  • Certified humane

Qualities Description

All Vital Farm eggs come from pasture-raised hens. They start with natural pastures – pastures which are never treated with herbicides, pesticides or artificial fertilizers – and regularly rotate them to keep them fresh and healthy. Of course, the natural fertilizer the ladies the leave behind certainly helps!

The girls are free to roam and forage as much as they like – the barn open doors in the morning, and out they all go! There’s plenty of shade out on the pastures, and a ready supply of both clean, fresh water and our carefully formulated supplemental feed, but they’re free to come and go from the barn, and free to eat what they want, all day long.

Every one of Vital Farms' farms follows the same Certified Humane® pasture-raised standards, so the only real difference between the different labels is whether it Certified Organic, NonGMO Project Verified, or neither. The shields you see on the cartons, will tell you which it is.

Vital Farms Reviews (173)
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These eggs are so fresh you can't even hard boil them unless you hold onto them for awhile. The yolks are big and beautifully yellow. The eggs taste so incredible, these are just as good as farm fresh eggs I purchase at the farmers market. I feel good about using this product because I know the hens are treated humanely, not stuffed in a cage. These eggs are WELL worth the extra $1 over terrible caged hen eggs. I will be purchasing these from now on whenever I can find them.


Let me tell you all a little suggestion, these eggs are seriously the BEST and I truly mean the BEST tasting eggs I have ever had! Yes they do cost a bit more than you would pay for eggs however I would definitely pay a bit more every time if I knew they would be this good! So with that being said, I will be purchasing these eggs for many years to come!


I really loved the taste of these eggs. I made deviled eggs to take to our dinner on Thanksgiving Day. Everyone enjoyed them so much we had no leftovers. They did asked what did I do to the eggs to make them taste so good. I had to laugh and say nothing special just that they were real Pasture Raised eggs by Vital Farms. They thought all cage-free eggs were the same Oh no not Vital Farms hens they get to roam around outside living a happy stress free life doing whatever hen's love to do. I will be buying again. I recommend.


Super delicious and farm fresh! Love that they are “fresh” verses grocery store fresh. Full rich flavor and food for my family. Nice packaging and info


Never had hen eggs before but they were great, fresh and nutritious, even my picky kids liked them! will definnitely purchase them again thanks!


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