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By Pukka Herbs

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  • Try a box of Pukka Herbs Organic Matcha Tea
  • Organic whole leaf green tea with ceremonial grade matcha & herbs
  • Choose from three delicious varieties:
    • Supreme Matcha Green
    • Clean Matcha Green
    • Mint Matcha Green
  • Antioxidant-packed pharmaceutical grade organic herbs to support health
  • Member of B Corporation & 1% for the Planet
  • Learn more about the world of Pukka

Qualities Description Ingredients

Matcha is a special form of powdered green tea that comes from the same plant as regular, whole leaf green tea. The difference between matcha and green tea lies in the unusual cultivation and processing methods, making it the king of greens.

Matcha’s recent rise in popularity in the West is in part due to a better understanding of its incredible health benefits. Recent research has shown that one cup of matcha has 100 times the antioxidants compared to green tea (and green has about double the levels found in black tea). Matcha also contains various compounds that are associated with improving health, reducing stress and increasing alertness. It’s the perfect brew for our over-stimulated busy world. It is also being used as an alternative to coffee.

Pukka teas are certified 100% organic and Fair Wild certified.

Supreme Matcha Green: Whole leaf Sencha green tea (34%), Pin Ho Wild Jade green tea (32%), Indian green tea (32%), Matcha powder (Jeju Island Emerald) (2%)

Clean Matcha Green: Sencha green tea (40%), sweet fennel seed (10%), dandelion root (10%), licorice root, nettle leaf, lemon essential oil flavor (6%), turmeric root, lemon whole (4%), lemon myrtle leaf, Matcha powder (Jejo do Garucha) (2%).

Mint Matcha Green: Sencha green tea (60%, spearmint leaf (28%), fieldmint leaf (10%), Matcha powder (Jejo do Garucha) (2%).

Pukka Herbs Reviews (545)

Pukka Herbs Organic Matcha Tea is tasty and has a great flavor on its own. Perfect with a touch of honey added. It was a perfect afternoon pick me up, gave me a nice burst of energy. I would definitely recommend this product.


I absolutely loved this pukka tea! I picked cleanse the flavor sounded great to me. It has organic nettle, fennel and peppermint. The aroma is delicious when you put in the hot water. You can really smell the herbs in the tea. It tasted great and is very relaxing to drink. I love the combination of herbs in this tea. I definitely recommend it!


I love tea. But especially iced and especially new brands and flavors. This tea is exceptional. I got the three cinnamon flavor. There was only 1 left so I figured it had to be popular. There were several other varieties so I can go back and try more. Flavorful and spicy. Almost like a chai tea which I love!! Lots of antioxidants--that's great.


Excellent product,I picked up the supreme matching green at my local Whole Foods. I like the fact green tea is in this product which gives me a good boost of energy,the tea is very delicious when drank like that just add a little honey to it.I would recommend this product.


Being a frequent green tea drinker its hard to find one that has a good taste and never leaves a remernce of its aftertaste behind. Pukka Herbs Organic Matcha Tea (mint) has a refreshing. Taste and the aftertaste issue is no more.


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