Seaweed Infused Pasta

By Blue Evolution

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  • Seaweed infused pasta
  • Get a voucher for a FREE box of premium pasta
    • Value $5.99
  • Traditional wheat pasta infused with sustainable North American seaweed
  • Your choice of two delicious varieties:
    • Penne
    • Rotini
  • Good source of plant-based bioavailable iron
  • Non-GMO
  • Vegan

Description Ingredients

Blue Evolution is a small band of seaweed geeks, foodies, parents, scientists, and ocean-loving explorers who are on a mission to connect consumers like you to the oceans through one extraordinary plant: seaweed. Beyond sustainable, seaweed regenerates the waters in which it grows, absorbing carbon from the ocean and alchemizing seawater and sunshine into healthy food. With a fast-growing array of seaweed infused consumer packaged goods, on and off-shore farms in Mexico and Alaska, and unique processing capabilities, Blue Evolution is introducing consumers to all the delicious ways that seaweed can enrich their lives.

Durum Wheat Semolina, Seaweed

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This is a cool product. You can taste the seaweed but it’s not overpowering when you add other ingredients into it. It tastes good. I would buy it again- I just wish they had a gluten free option, then I would buy more often.


my kids love seaweed and pasta so i thought i give this a try and they love this as well. it different but they love it! great taste and great texture


Who knew you could infuse pasta with seaweed? And that it could actually taste pretty good? I enjoyed the Rotini version in a pasta salad with some vegetables and tomato sauce. I'm not vegan but as someone who is trying to eat more plant-based this is a good alternative. Maybe it will convince more people that eating plant-based & "good for you" foods can be delicious too. It's a little pricey compared to regular pasta, but if you have money to invest in your health and the environment, you should give this a try.


I thought this pasta was good. I do not think my family even realized there was seaweed in it which is great. I would buy again if it were on sale but do not think I would spend the money otherwise on it.


I thought this pasta was tasty. I love that I was getting a a vegetable in while also enjoying pasta. It is a bit pricy but I would buy again if it was on sale. I would like to try a fettuccine too. I think that would be yum.


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