Cold Brew Coffee

By Kicking Horse Coffee

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4.18 out of 5

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  • Cold Brew coffee
  • Try a 296mL can of Kicking Horse Coffee Cold Brew
    • Value $3.99
  • Your choice of either:
    • Kick Ass
    • Smart Ass
  • Organic beans, roasted in the Rocky Mountains
  • Steeped for 20 hours
  • Black and unsweetened
  • Low acid and low calories
  • Organic and Fairtrade

Qualities Description Ingredients

Super simple. Sooooo delicious.

What's in our Cold Brew Coffee?
Organic beans, roasted right in the Rocky Mountains and then steeped for 20 hours. That’s it.
Nuthin’ else.
Nuthin’ needed.
What’s it like? Deep, dark, delicious, black, unsweetened, refreshing, low-acid, low-calories, kick-ass, Cold Brew Coffee.

What should you do with it?
Keep it cool! This coffee is pure and precious! Don’t let it get hot and bothered.
Drink it.
Maybe share it. Just a bit. Or not. Coffee people will understand.

Organic coffee and water.

Kicking Horse Coffee Reviews (1,752)
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Kicking Horse Cold Brew is very tasty but I would not purchase the product. Way too much sugar for my liking!! If they lowered the sugar content I would definitely purchase!!


Awesome product! Not only does the product taste good, it is extremely portable in its can format. The packaging is very attractive and would make a wonderful addition to summer parties.


I was excited to try the Kicking Horse Coffee as I'm a huge coffee drinker and boy, did it deliver! First off, I absolutely loved the convenience of having coffee out of a can!  The coffee itself is very smooth and bold, but not at all bitter or sour like some other brands. It was a good portion size and I couldn't finish the whole can in one sitting. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who drinks coffee daily.


cool refreshing drinks for a hot afternoon . something new and affordable taste nice and refresh your body something nice to have on picnic .


I loved the taste and energy boost this provided me. It was hard to find in stores though! The price was very cost effective and seemed like a good value.


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