Natural Throat + Chest Lozenges

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  • Natural Throat + Chest Lozenges
  • Get a FREE bag of 30 Jakemans lozenges (value $2.99)
  • 4 flavors to choose from: Honey & Lemon, Cherry, Anise, Peppermint
  • Vegan-friendly except Honey & Lemon
  • Trusted UK brand for over 100 years
  • Delicious blend of soothing menthol and plant flavors
  • Made from honey, lemon, anise and eucalyptus oil
  • Free of harsh chemicals

Qualities Description Ingredients

Made in Boston, England since 1907, Jakemans® Throat & Chest™ Lozenges provide soothing relief of throat and chest discomfort in great tasting, high quality, non-chemical lozenges.

Choose from 4 soothing flavors:

*all vegan-friendly except Honey and Lemon

  • Honey and Lemon
  • Cherry
  • Anise
  • Peppermint

Honey and Lemon: (Active Ingredient: Menthol, 5 mg) (Inactive Ingredients: Beta Carotene (Coloring), Glucose Syrup, Honey, Lactic Acid, Lemon Oil (Flavoring), Natural Flavor, Sodium Lactate, Sugar, Water).

Cherry: (Active Ingredient: Menthol, 5 mg) (Inactive Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Lactic Acid, Natural Flavor, Sodium Lactate, Sugar, Water). *vegan friendly

Anise: (Active Ingredient: Menthol, 5 mg) (Inactive Ingredients: Anise Oil (Flavoring), Caramel Color, Eucalyptus Oil (Flavoring), Glucose Syrup, Natural Flavor, Sugar, Water). *vegan friendly

Peppermint: (Active Ingredient: Menthol, 5 mg) (Inactive Ingredients: Glucose Syrup, Peppermint Oil (Flavoring), Sugar, Water). *vegan friendly

People Wanting This (13,948)

Jakemans Reviews (390)
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I really needed these they came in handle when i had my sore throat i got the cherry jackmans loved the cherry flavor very soothing on my throat and chest

Variety tried: Cherry

I thought that the flavor was not too strong but really works to make my throat feel better. It was a good sized bag and I like that it is is not made with ingredients harmful to the body.


I did use the Jakemans throat and chest lozenges. I did like the flavor as honey and lemon are my favorite. I like the fact that kids could use them too. I also like that they are free of harsh chemicals #gotitfree #trynatural Got over my sore throat with @JakemansUS throat lozenges thanks to my free sample from @socialnature


I tried the honey & lemon lozenges and they worked well and tasted great! It's nice to have this product to use when feeling under the weather especially since it is free of harsh chemicals.


Natural Throat and Chest lozenges by Jakemans are amazing and the flavor was great. I love the fact that it is made free of harsh chemicals and it helped with my dry throat and cough. I would highly recommend this to my friends.


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